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Hussaini Canadian Educational & Cultural Association of Edmonton was founded and registered in 2009 as a non-profit religious organization. At present, our association is comprised of more than 50 families, who have their roots in South Asia. In order to accommodate our growing Shia population and for the purpose of advancement of our religious activities, HCECA of Edmonton acquired the current location at 330 66 Street Edmonton in September of 2009. 

To educate our youth with the religion of Islam, Al-Murtaza Sunday School was also established in October 2009.

The best form of worship is the pursuit of Knowledge

Prophet Muhammad (S)

Our Mission

The mission of the HCECA, is to establish programs and services that facilitate the spiritual awakening of Shia Muslims in Edmonton, through the propagation of the true beauty of Islam and the active remembrance and practice of Islamic principles, as taught in the Glorious Quran and traditions of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S) and his Purified Family (“Ahlul Bayt”) (AS).

The HCECA shall humbly serve as a beacon of Islamic conscience and community service 

Our Vision

The vision of HCECA is to establish an Shia Islamic community to maintain regular Islamic programs and community services that provide for the spiritual and social needs of the poor and needy. HCECA envisions an environment of love, understanding and fellowship with our brothers and sisters of humanity, which provides a true representation of Islam that is welcoming, resolute in faith, and firm in the advocacy of truth, justice, peace and the teachings of the Glorious Quran & Ahlul Bayt (AS).

We Need Your Support Today!

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