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Majlis e Shahadat Imam Baqir(a.s) & Amal e Shab e Juma on Thu Jun13, 2024 at 7:30pm

The program starts with Hadees e Kisa, followed by Surah Yasin, Marsiya, Video Speech, Noha, Dua, and Ziyarat e Waritha. All momineen and mominaat are requested to attend on time.


Majlis e Shahadat Hazrat Muslim(a.s) and Majlis e Esal e sawab on Sat Jun15, 2024 at 1:35pm with Namaz e Zhurain

The program starts with Namaz e Zhurain ba jamat followed by Majlis e Shahadat and Majlis e esal e sawab. Molana Hadi Hasan will lead the prayers and address the majlis. All momineen and mominaat are requested to attend on time. (Please note that the Majlis e Esal e sawab is for the mother of Br. Shafqat Taqi).


Namaz e Eid ul Adha at HCECA on Monday Jun17, 2024 at 8:00 AM

Namaz e Eid program will start at 8:00AM with Dua e Nudba followed by namaz at 8:30AM sharp. Molana Syed Aqeel Shah will lead the Eid prayers. All momineen and mominaat are requested to attend on time.



  • Eid e Ghadeer , Zilhaj 18, 1445(Tue Jun25, 2024).

  • Majlis e Shahadat Mohammad & Ibrahim (sons of Hazrat Muslim.a.s), Thu Jun27, 2024.

  • Milad Eid e Mubahila & Bibi Sakina(sa) Thu Jul04, 2024.

  • Moharram Programs will start from Jul07, 2024. (1st Moharram, 1446 conditional to moon sighting). 

Note: Islamic month dates are conditional to moon sighting


  • Last date for payment of HCECA Membership Fee for the year 2024 is June 30, 2024. As per HCECA Constitution, if the membership fee is not paid by June30, the member will lose his or her membership status.

  • HCECA has KHUMS Ijaza from Marjae Taqleed, so please donate generously.
  • All refundable bottles and cans can be deposited in Hussaini Center account at Green Bottle Depot Harvest Hills,  5015 4 Ave. SW OR Green Bottle Depot, Windemere 3523 Allan Drive SW to continue to support Hussaini Center.

  • Weekly programs can also be checked on Hussaini Edmonton website ( under Programs.

  • All programs will be live streaming at

  • To sponsor or to participate in any program at HCECA please contact any member of the Executive Committee. 

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