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Milad Imam Ali Raza(as) & Amaal e Shab e Juma

on Thursday June 01, 2023 at 7:30pm

The Program starts at 7:30pm with Hadees e Kisa, followed by Manqabat/Qasida, Dua, and Ziyarat e waritha.

All momineen and mominaat are requested to attend.



  • Milad Imam Ali Raza (a.s), Thursday June01, 2023.

  • Majlis Imam Taqi(a.s), Thursday June15, 2023.

  • Majlis Imam Baqir(a.s) & Hazrat Muslim(a.s), Thursday June22, 2023.

  • Eid ul Adha Thursday June29, 2023 (condition moonsighting).

  • Eid e Ghadeer Friday Jul 07, 2023 (condition moonsighting).

  • Majlis for sons of Hazrat Muslim(as), Sun Jul09, 2023.

  • Milad Eid Mubahila & Bibi Sakina(sa), Thu Jul 13, 2023.



- Weekly programs can also be checked on Hussaini Edmonton website ( under Programs. 

- All programs will be live streaming at 

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