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Our Aim

  1. Working in partnership with all stakeholders: Parents, students, teachers, volunteers and the community at large.

  2. Ensuring all stakeholders feel safe, respected and welcome.

  3. Delivering a balanced, evolving and standardized curriculum to students, relevant assessment tools and reporting measures as well as effective teacher training.

  4. Promoting excellence in piety, seeking knowledge and excellent conduct (Makaarim Al-Akhlaq), which are as follows: Responsibility, Effort, Care & Respect

Daughters are advantages & Sons are graces. You will be rewarded for the advantages and asked about your graces.

Imam Ali (A)

Our Vision

To Facilitate an Islamic education that will enable the student to develop competencies that will lead him to aspire to a path of worship and obedience of the Creator, meticulous implementation of Qur’anic edicts and guidance, unyielding love of Prophet Muhammad and his Ahlul Bayt , active anticipation for the return of Imam Al Mahdi and servitude to humanity

Our Goals

In partnership with parents and the community, our mission is to provide an Islamic education in accordance to the Twelver Shia Madhab and Ja’fari Fiqh that promotes the advancement of mental, spiritual, moral, social and emotional development through a comprehensive and structured curriculum, Islamically proficient and effective teaching staff, an environment and culture that is conducive to learning, resulting in a respectable, resolute, caring, accountable, and practicing Muslim who is fully aware of his responsibilities towards the Creator and His creation.

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